Brown rice

Rice is grown over the world over 10,000 years in 113 countries and is a basic feed for 3 billion people. Chinese fried or Italian risotto, Spanish paella or Cretan gamopilafo, rice is part of our daily diet, but also part of the culinary tradition of many cultures, offering unlimited and delightful combinations. It is the third cultivable agricultural product in the world and is at the base of our food pyramid along with cereals.
Brown rice is the “raw” version of the classic white. For its production, part or all of the outer hard crust is removed. This keeps most of its nutrients.

Brown rice is superior to white, thanks to its higher content of fiber, potassium, phosphorus, complex carbohydrates and B-complex vitamins, ingredients which ensure a better regulation of body weight and blood sugar levels and improve bowel function, while, keeping the shell is more digestible and light for the stomach. Brown rice contains no cholesterol and is rich in iron, selenium and magnesium. The brown rice is one that has undergone less processing.


7 benefits of brown rice for our health:

  • It reduces the risk of diabetes
  • It has a high fiber content
  • It is a good source of manganese and magnesium
  • It can prevent weight gain
  • It can reduce cholesterol
  • It is a good source of phytonutrients
  • It promotes good bone health