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The history of coffee started in Ethiopia. Coffee came to Europe from Venice that had strong trade relations with the Arab world in the late 16th century. The coffee is for hundreds of years an integral part of the Greek culture, indispensable in the morning to start the day well and important for good digestion after lunch. The most known effect of coffee is related to the nervous system as it improves mental abilities and causes wakefulness. The main reason is that coffee contains caffeine, an alkaloid that acts as a stimulant. For a perfect Greek coffee, coffee pot should have narrow neck to recycle the temperature and not to lose upwards. And, of course, be careful! The Greek Coffee needs very low heat.
The first information we have for the cultivation of cacao is from the era of the Mayan civilization somewhere in 600 AD. In the era of Aztec the kind was rare and worth as the gold. The Aztecs used cacao seeds in the form of dust in order to prepare a beverage which was called “Choclatl”. The beverage, to which they added other spices, was consumed hot and considered to be digestive, tonic and the best medicine of that period, that could cure any illness. The first European who is believed to have discovered cocoa and brought it to Europe was Hernando Cortez, who brought with him the necessary equipment to prepare the beverage “Choclatl”. This new drink immediately conquered the Royal Court of Spain and in later years became very famous across Europe.

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