Salt - Spices

The history of salt is linked to the history of human civilization. The use of salt as a preservative was known from the ancient years, which has contributed to keeping food and helped in large movements, while in ancient Rome, salt served as currency. The natural salt, moreover, contains over 80 essential for our body, minerals. The main difference between the common and rock salt is that the common salt penetrates the food, so they can eliminate their juices while the other leaves food “absorb” as needed slowly. The fleur de sel is collected by hand from rocky cavities near the coast and is not subject to any chemical or other treatment, offering the natural iodine contained in seawater. It is collected by hand from the top of the salt lake, before plunging, incorporated and crystallized with the remaining salt the salt lake. It contains metal 92elements, in contrast to the common raw salt contains only two (chlorine and sodium) and is iodinated by nature. In common salt iodine is added chemically.