“E-utopia” … at TV ZAPPING magazine


“Real Utopia – by Rosa Krameri

They named their store E-utopia (eutopia), a place where everything is possible. However, this is not another grocery store. It differs even the fact that deliveries are made ​​by bicycle!

Eugenia Lianou, Fotis Plexousakis and George Skouras, the founders of E-utopia, talk about how they chose that name. “It was inspired by Fotis” explains Eugenia laughing. “We knew that many people will claim that what we are doing is unrealistic. We wanted, therefore, from the beginning to respond with our own eutopia. A world that knows the difficulties but do not prevent him from creating. “And that exactly is the E-utopia. Three friends in love with Greek organic products. In fact those that come from small producers, who believe in a different agriculture and a different Greek identity. Finally, 6 months ago, they opened their store in Kifissia. Their shelves are filled with fava Santorini, mountain tea from Macedonia, tagliatelle with fennel and lemon zest from Corinth, nougat, honey, chutney with Zagora apples, mastic liqueur, ouzo and recently products and their own label. “