Fleur de sel

Collected by hand from rocky cavities near the coast and not subject to any chemical or other treatment, giving our natural iodine contained in sea water. The fleur de sel is harvested carefully by hand from the top of the salt lake, before plunging, incorporated and crystallized with the remaining salt and resembles to thin, fine flakes. The fleur de sel is washed with hands, dried in the sun and formulated in small quantities. The salt has not undergone any treatment, it is a natural product rich in minerals, potassium, calcium and fluoride. In whole fleur de sel contains 92 minerals, unlike the common raw salt that contains only two (chlorine and sodium) and is iodinated by nature. In common salt iodine is added chemically.
This type of salt maintains a high percentage of moisture because it has not undergone any chemical or other treatment. It has a natural bright white color as has not undergone any bleaching such as common salt, while its separate texture gives its particular crystalline form, soft taste, and helps to maintain its characteristics. It is rich in trace elements necessary for the human body, it can be dissolved faster than common salt so it’s better to be added to food just before served.