The frumenty (trachanas)

Trachanas is pasta made from flour and milk and can be sour and sweet, depending on whether you use milk or yogurt and aims to turn us back to our roots and remind us once again that the flavour lies in simple things. Now it is served at the most creative restaurants.

It said that started out as a nutritious meal of shepherds who constantly moved. Trachanas is the basic type of pasta of the Greek cuisine. It is considered to be the oldest food cooked from the Balkans to the Middle East.
Besides its rich flavor, trachanas provides many nutrients. Since one of the basic ingredients is wheat, trachanas is rich in carbohydrates. Moreover, milk and yogurt offer proteins and fats.

It also contains fiber, magnesium and calcium.

Although the classic recipe wants it to be consumed in the form of soup, we meet as an accompaniment to meat and poultry, cooked with tomatoes and vegetables or in pies.