Krana / cranberries



The dogwood is a tree known since the time of Homer, and especially mentioned in “Iliad.” According to Theophrastus, the wood was as hard as the bone and was used to make hunting spears, war javelins, bows and canes, while according to Pausanias, the ancient Greeks built the Trojan Horse of this wood from the sacred forest of Apollo.

They have extremely powerful antioxidant properties as they contain vitamins C and E, carotenoids and phenolic compounds. They also contain vitamin C and are rich in carotene, pectin, tannin and iron.

The products of cranberries were used since ancient times to fight heart disease, abdominal pains, period pains, stomach and intestinal disorders, but also as a digestive, as a stimulant during the working hours and after sports activities.

Try them in jam or liqueur!