Louisa / verbena


Verbena is a very beautiful plant with wonderful aroma. Although the ‘origin’ is from America, it came to Europe by the Spaniards, who dedicated it to Queen Maria Louisa, wife of King Charles.

It is a “magic” plant because:

* Its decoction is beneficial and helps when we suffer from diseases of the stomach and digestive system

* It stops diarrhea and bleeding

* It helps in weight loss and the disappearance of cellulite

* It is an effective tonic, but at the same time soothing.

* It is an antipyretic.

* It is a diuretic and is recommended in cases of kidney stones.

* It helps detoxify the body.

* It relieves migraines.

* The hot infusion of verbena is famous for its aphrodisiac properties.

* The oil helps to heal wounds.