Natural cane molasses is very rich in iron, potassium and magnesium and many other minerals. Because of the iron that it contains is ideal for people with low hematocrit, and thanks to polyphenols can help in the overall shielding of our body. As a sweetener, can replace sugar or honey.

It can be served with milk, tea and other beverages, coffee or juices. Combined with yogurt, ice cream, fruit salads and fruit, fried cakes or pancakes. Can also be used to make ice lolly.

In confectionery, when using molasses, use half the amount of the sugar required in the recipe. You can make cookies, traditional christmas biscuits etc.

In cooking you can make salad dressings, caramelized onions, marinades, BBQ sauce or add molasses in tomato sauces, roasted meat etc.

For breakfast with cereals or muesli, with peanut butter toast or with anything you can think of.