Syrah: The variety Syrah comes from the Rhone in France. Gives dark red wines with soft taste, medium acidity. Generally the wines of this variety dominate the spicy aroma.

Merlot: The variety Merlot, is a worldwide selection of wines with concentrated aromatic character and velvety taste. The wine made of grapes Merlot has medium acidity.

Caberbet Sauvignon: The wine selection Caberbet Sauvignon is widespread throughout the world. It gives dark red dry wines with intense and complex aromas. These are wines of moderate acidity and balanced taste.

Rhoditis: Made ​​almost throughout Greece with the best results in the mountains of Patras and Macedonia. It gives light wines with fresh citrus scent.

Malagouzia: White variety, one of the most aromatic varieties of Greek grapes, probably descended from the mountainous Nafpaktos. Malagouzia gives wines of moderate acidity, aromatic.

Assyrtiko: Started its history at the islands of Cyclades and especially Santorini, where is the dominant variety. It gives wines with high alcohol content, high acidity, wines with character, without strong fragrances, but with wonderful flavor.

Sauvignon Blanc: Sauvignon Blanc is a French variety that the cultivation was extended to almost all the world. It gives wines with high acidity.

Moschato: large and famous family of grapes grown in almost all wine-growing countries. It offers a large selection of wines from aged sweets to fresh, fruity sparkling. All of them, however, stand out for their impressive fragrance.