About us

Our love and passion for Greek traditional products, led us to create this online store. Our goal is to offer our customers products with excellent specifications, combined with high quality service.

Our vision is moving to the limits of the real with the imaginary. On the one hand, the word “utopia” is a synonym of the unreal and the impossible. On the other hand, as “Eutopia” we could characterize the search for a better, possible world. The Eutopia, then, is not the opposite of reality, but the projection of a more human society.

We looked for producers that resist to modern methods and apply the most pure ways of processing, we identified unique flavors, we drifted from utopia in order to transfer to the real world the simplicity of our childhood, but above all we have worked with enthusiasm and passion to offer you the best result.

We are proud of the products of the Greek land. And you?